Useful Links

NZ Harp Society

The Harp Society of NZ provides resources and a communication hub for harpists of all levels around the country. Membership is recommended! Among other things, the HSNZ supports a public secondhand harp marketplace in its forums.


Robyn Sutherland

Robyn Sutherland offers lever harp hire in Auckland. This can be a great option for a beginning student who isn’t ready for a big commitment yet.

Lever harp hire

Stewart Harps

Shane Stewart is a lever harp maker based in Northland. He builds lever harps in a variety of sizes.

Stewart Harps


Harpitree is the local dealer for a range of harp brands, including Camac, Lyon and Healy, Salvi, and Harpsicle harps. They import both lever and pedal harps, and also stock a small selection of harp sheet music and accessories.


Lewis Eady Music

Lewis Eady is the local dealer for Aoyama harps. They import both lever and pedal harps into Auckland.

Lewis Eady

Kim Webby Harps

Kim Webby is our local pedal harp maker extraordinaire; he hand-makes world class harps in his workshop in Northland. He is also our local harp technician, and sells strings for a range of different harps.

Webby Harps